We have come to Testify - there is much we want the world to know

This is an incredible collection of stories and music centred around 1998 Byak Massacre in West Papua.

Dulwich Centre Foundation, Pasifika, Wantok Musik, Further Arts, Make West Papua Safe, Elsham and the Australian Government Research Council have come together to produce this stunning resource - a beautifully illustrated book and CD with the recordings of survivor’s testimony and music, telling of the human rights atrocities that occurred during the massacre, and of which are still being perpetrated by the Indonesian Government to this day across West Papuan territory.

The CD enclosed in this book features real passages from the 2013 Citizens Tribunal. The events as told by the survivors echo the stories coming out of West Papua over recent uprisings in the towns and villages. The testimonies are spoken/written by Mama Tineke, Yudha Korwa, Ronny Kareni, Sixta Mambour, and Marcel Meltherorong with music produced by David Bridie and performed by Radical Son, the late Ferry Marisan, and Tio Bang.

Download music and illustrated book Byak book sample page 1 Byak book sample page 2

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